12:00 a.m, 10/12/2014

its 12,00 a.m on 10th of december.
the day i was born into this world.
it has been 16 years.
yup, basicly my ” sweet 16″, they call it.

not feeling the “sweet 16” vibe cos i just had a fight with my manager.
fucking suck.
guess what came after that,
my mother forgot to pick  up her child, left on the side of the street.
fucking worst,
waited about 1 and a half hours.
came back home with tears, and its like 20 minutes away from my birthday.

its 12:17 a.m and im recieving a lot of wishes,
long, short.
just dont feel like replying.
yes, those wishes managed to put a smile on my face.
the vibe, its not there.
its missing.

just like last year,
had my birthday in turkeye,
it was one of the worst birthday ever.
hoped that it wont happen again.

well its a dissapointment cos its happening again,
on my “sweet 16”
i dont wanna brag, cos i’ll sound so ungrateful.
but haih. sigh,

oh, not to forget, i still have to go to work on my birthday. yup.