•Have the greatest year of school life; 2015
•be a successful student; 9A+ SPM
•Continue studies till Masters/ PhD
•be a well-known doctor; Surgeon
•be a great daughter to both mama and papa.
•be a loyal servant to Allah.
•be a traveller — with my own money.
•Travel around the globe with the loved ones.
•bring mama and papa to perform haj and umrah.
•backpack to Mekah.

seeing people in pictures on instagram having and living life to their fullest.
makes me set my goals,
determined to achieve it.
Allah knows,
effort matter.

One thing i know, learned from their lives;
they will never have a PERFECT life– simplicity.

One is having such a good time in pictures, travelling,
till i reached this particular post.
tears streamed down my face.
One just lost the father.

Allah replaced that with a good travelling life despite the lost.
Because– Allah is the Fairest.
he takes what he owns,
he give what we deserve.
As he is, Fair.

Always remember,
win some, lose some.

Always remember;


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