This camp has thaught me a lot. Especially in friendship. A wise man once said, if we really want to know our true friends, travel with them. So in this camp, i’ve seen each and everyones true colors. I swear this camp is one in a million. Great games, greatest plot twist in history of my camp experience. So the plot twist starts when we had to play kinda like an explorace where we have to complete tasks and such. Soo, my task was, to hold a “100kg of drugs” and keep it till the faci ask for it. Oh btw, drugs task were only given to peghulu and penghuluwati which is me and @rajefezal_ . Kena pegang the drugs sampai the end of the game. Then the facis asked for the drugs. At first we both didnt want to show it cos we knew it was a wrong doing to keep drugs. But we still took them out. Then the facis decided to punish us for that. They asked what should they do to replace the death sentence. One of the kids said “hantar dorg balik”. Semua faci setuju. But no one cared that we had to go home. Raja and me memang taknak balik, we pujuk facis and stuffs. Tp no use sbb facis kata dorg bukan appreciate pun penghulu and penghuluwati. There were sort of like a farewell ceremony for us yesterday night. It was damn sad and teary. semua nangis, i pun nangis mcm org gila. Like terharu plus sad. Sbb we can see whos real whos fake kan. Pastu dirg pujuk pujuk, the facis even provoked us abt “your best friend” didnt even do a thing abt this. Sedih 



Im falling.

This time, really hard.

Gosh, dont break me.

Dont let my heart shatter to pieces. 


I beg you this time.


Let it be a real one.

Allahu 😭


  The rain is pouring. So are my tears.

So devastated, wrecked.

I want the best, 

I dream for the best.

 But looking at how i did today,

I should just move on from my dreams.

Let it go.

I feel like i’ve put myself down, 

my tuition teachers, 

my teachers, 

my mother,

 my whole family

 whom are hoping for the best of me.

Im sorry.

Im sorry dear self, 

Im sorry everyone.

You can only dream and keep it in your imagination. 

I dont know if i can improve. 

I dont know when.

I have little time.

I really am sorry, for puting everyone’s hope so high.

I can only bring you guys down. 

I wish i could repay for All the money my mom has spent. 

I wish i could make everyone’s dream come true. 

My dream. 

Ya Allah help me. Help make my dream come true.

If it is meant to be, then be it. 



Au revoir

I believe he has found someone. 

Im glad. Really.

Cos afterall love is all about the happiness of your partner.

Even if the happiness is not with you but someone else, its okay.

Love, needs sacrifaction. Just to achieve his/her happiness.

In my case, i sacrificed my love and feelings, just for him to be happy even with someone else.

I dont mind. 

I dont mind all the heartbreaks, days and night crying cos im hurt. 

Its okay. 

At the other side, i still can share a bit of your happiness.

It makes me happy seeing you happy. 

For me, i’ll keep praying for the happiness to be longlasting. 

Thats all. 

Im fine 😊

I just need to let you go. 

Cos i know the time has come, plus you have found someone. 

Truly i dont have a chance, 

So why wait? 

Goodbye. Thank you for all these years for making me smile every night. 

Thank you for your kindness towards me.

Thank you for making me the happiest kid, once.

Im really greatful you were once the boy whom made me happy. 

Im lucky you came. Even for a while.

At least i felt the happiness of being loved. Cared. 

Once again, 

Thank you and so long, goodbye,

The one that got away ☺️