The rain is pouring. So are my tears.

So devastated, wrecked.

I want the best, 

I dream for the best.

 But looking at how i did today,

I should just move on from my dreams.

Let it go.

I feel like i’ve put myself down, 

my tuition teachers, 

my teachers, 

my mother,

 my whole family

 whom are hoping for the best of me.

Im sorry.

Im sorry dear self, 

Im sorry everyone.

You can only dream and keep it in your imagination. 

I dont know if i can improve. 

I dont know when.

I have little time.

I really am sorry, for puting everyone’s hope so high.

I can only bring you guys down. 

I wish i could repay for All the money my mom has spent. 

I wish i could make everyone’s dream come true. 

My dream. 

Ya Allah help me. Help make my dream come true.

If it is meant to be, then be it. 




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