It All Matters To Me.

The fact that you stopped talking to me because you’re scared that you would break my heart.

So you confessed. Things that I didn’t want to hear.
Did not expect that you would say that.
I expected too much.
But all my expectations are based on how you treated me.
You gave me hopes.
Though it was real,
But guess what? It was all false.
False hope, false alarm.

How could you?

Oh, now I get it.
You just want somebody to entertain you. That’s all.
Am I right?

Thought I could handle the pain,
The sorrow,
I was dead wrong.
The pain didn’t hit me like ‘bammm’

Thought that I moved on, got over you.
I was dead wrong.

I suffer, every night.
Waiting for you to start the usual conversation that we used to have every night.

Ended up crying in one corner,
Remembering those cute little replies,
Those emoji.

I love the way you always make me laugh.
You never failed even in my lowest time.
I love it when you get clingy,
At some times.

Its all gone.
Disappeared a few nights ago.
Have you ever wondered, if feelings can be thrown, just like ‘poof’, like in a blink of an eye?

It takes time.
I know I will get better in time.
But how long does it take for me,
To get over you? To face the fact that you’re gone?