Au revoir

I believe he has found someone. 

Im glad. Really.

Cos afterall love is all about the happiness of your partner.

Even if the happiness is not with you but someone else, its okay.

Love, needs sacrifaction. Just to achieve his/her happiness.

In my case, i sacrificed my love and feelings, just for him to be happy even with someone else.

I dont mind. 

I dont mind all the heartbreaks, days and night crying cos im hurt. 

Its okay. 

At the other side, i still can share a bit of your happiness.

It makes me happy seeing you happy. 

For me, i’ll keep praying for the happiness to be longlasting. 

Thats all. 

Im fine 😊

I just need to let you go. 

Cos i know the time has come, plus you have found someone. 

Truly i dont have a chance, 

So why wait? 

Goodbye. Thank you for all these years for making me smile every night. 

Thank you for your kindness towards me.

Thank you for making me the happiest kid, once.

Im really greatful you were once the boy whom made me happy. 

Im lucky you came. Even for a while.

At least i felt the happiness of being loved. Cared. 

Once again, 

Thank you and so long, goodbye,

The one that got away ☺️