Im a useless man now


No pa, youre not. You never were. Never will be. You’ve raised me. You’ve given me all your love, you cooked for me. Eventhough you hitted rockbottom, while raising me, “papa didnt work hard enough for you guys”. Still, youre my forever, no matter what. You’re real, you’re true. My one true love. I’ll love you no matter what you do, what you are. You’re the who has gave me life. You and mama. Theres nothing in this world that can stop me from loving both of you. My love for mama and pa is true. Eternal. 

I hope this test will make you stronger.

I pray for every single day you’ll live long. 

I pray that you’ll watch me grow up.

I pray for you’ll one day, celebrate my achievements.

I pray for your happiness. 

InsyaAllah pa.

Same goes to mama. I love my parents equally. I love both mama and papa unconditionally. 

Thank you mama, papa, for who i am today. I’ll keep praying for happiness in dunya, akhirah for both of you. InsyaAllah. Pray for that one day, jannah opens for both of you ma, pa. 

Wait ma, pa. 

I’ll make both of you proud of me. 

Please wait. 

Wait for my celebration. 

Stay for my wedding. 

Stay for my treatments for both of you. 

Stay with me when you get older. 

Stay and Take care of your grandchild. 

Please stay a little longer for all that. 

I want to take care of you ma and pa. 




Your cup of tea.

Who says life has got no choice? We do have choices.
Doesn’t mean that we’re broken down,
Torn apart,
We have to be sad, upset, sorrowful.

“Forgive and forget”

Move on. Period.

Just remember,
There’s a lot more to be discovered,
To be explored.
Ain’t got no time to be sad and gloomy all day.

Happiness awaits you.